Power Boards have designed, patented and built 'Fin Drive Systems', a revolutionary, unique drive system that has not been implemented before. Our range of products include surfboards, SUPs, rescue boards and kayaks. 'Fin Drive Systems' technology can be implemented into a wide range of water craft.

Our products are proudly designed, assembled and tested in Australia for export to the world. Power Boards products are robust and reliable and require very little maintenance.

All product models have a four year testing period before releasing to the market.


  • Traditional size surfboard with a motor
  • Design doesn't impact on the boards ability to surf
  • Can be surfed with or without motor on
  • Power Boards allows for continuous surfing for longer periods
  • Easy for those hard to catch waves
  • Faster and more efficient without the fatigue of regular paddling
  • Great for beginners through to experienced surfers
  • Good for holding position in bigger surf
  • Great in any kind of surf - big or small.